Which essential oils to take on holidays?

Summer is approaching very fast (FINALLY!) and this year you might want to take some essential oils with you, but which ones?

Don’t worry, there is no need to pay for additional luggage! You just need a few and you will be ready to face any situation! I selected the following for their versatility.


  • mix a few drops in a carrier oil and apply to your wrists to relax if you are anxious when travelling
  • spray some on your pillow before going to sleep: in addition to helping you relax, it will also prevent lice if the hotel’s pillow doesn’t look that clean (eeew!)
  • If it’s too late and you have lice: add a drop in your shampoo when washing your hair!
  • add a few drops in a carrier oil or aloe vera gel as an after sun balm
  • apply a daub to help relieve the itchiness of mosquito bites

Tea tree

  • if you have an unwanted pimple on your face, here is your best friend: 1 drop on a Q-tip plus beauty sleep and there you go! The next morning you should be all ready to shine at the swimming pool.
  • It also works for canker sores! The taste is terrible but it is worth it. Be brave.
  • In case of mycosis due to humidity, you can put a drop of tea tree on your nail, twice daily. It is better to mix it with a carrier oil so it can enter the skin properly.
  • If you have unwanted dandruff due to a change in your hair care routine, add a drop in your usual shampoo when showering.

Ylang Ylang

  • Sunscreen on the face is necessary but might be too greasy for your skin. At night, after cleaning your face, add a drop of Ylang Ylang in your usual night cream or aloe vera gel to spread on your face. It will prevent aging due to sun exposure, reduce pigmentary marks and boost cell regeneration.
  • Add a drop to your shampoo to help your hair shine
  • put a drop on your palms, rub them together and take a deep breath: it will help you relax and fall asleep.


  • On holidays, your hair and scalp can suffer from sun/salt/ chlorine/ sweat/ different weather, and a myriad of other issues. Add one drop of Rosemary in your shampoo when washing your hair and it will help restore the balance of your PH.
  • Add some drops in a carrier oil and massage your legs after a long flight/ long drive/ long hike to help improve blood circulation.
  • Putting one drop in a carrier oil can help heal a wound
  • If you suffer from frequent changing between cold AC and the hot outdoors, Rosemary is there to help your respiratory system. Put a drop on your palms, rub them together and take a deep breath.


  • Sometimes different food or water can equal an upset stomach. It can really ruin your holidays! Add 1 drop of peppermint in a glass of water to stimulate your digestion. It is also a vermicide, antibacterial and antifungal.
  • If you suffer from the constant changing between the AC and the heat, Peppermint is there to support your respiratory system. Put a drop on your palms, rub them together and take a deep breath.

You don’t need anything more! These 5 oils have you covered. Please read the contraindications carefully before to use any essential oil if you are a beginner.

Enjoy your holidays!