Contraindications ✘

If you are … ☛ avoid …

▪︎ allergic to aspirin ⛔️wintergreen and oil blends containing this oil.

▪︎ insomniac ⛔️ peppermint, spearmint, rosemary, coriander

▪︎ subject to gastric problems or ulcer ⛔️ cinnamon, clove, oregano, thyme

▪︎ subject to urinary or renal problems ⛔️ eucalyptus, black pepper, rockrose, pine

▪︎ a man with a prostate cancer ⛔️ pine, thyme, basil

▪︎ suffering from high blood pressure ⛔️ cypress, rosemary, thyme

▪︎ suffering from low blood pressure ⛔️ ylang ylang, marjoram

▪︎ exposed to sunlight ⛔️ all citrus fruits oils topically : grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, or any oil blend with one or more of these oils.

▪︎ a woman with medical history of cancer hormon-related ⛔️ clary sage, fennel, star anise, or any oil blend with these oils.

▪︎ epileptic ⛔️ mints, fennel, rosemary, caraway, helichrysum and some type of lavender.

▪︎ asthmatic ⛔️mints ( peppermint, spearmint), rosemary, paperbark tree, eucalyptus, ravintsara.

▪︎ pregnant or breastfeeding ⛔️by precaution, don’t use any essential oil if you are pregnant, especially during term 1. ⚠️Peppermint is a highly abortive oil, please avoid this one at all costs! After 3 months of pregnancy only, there are 3 essential oils that you can use : lavender, ravintsara and camomile ✅ Always double-check with your doctor before use.

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