Essential oils: sleep

Hello everyone!

Currently enjoying my (well-deserved) winter break, I take the opportunity to make a sleep cure! I don’t know for you, but with the stress of the week, going to bed is a whole little ritual: I will start to diffuse an oil or a blend in my bedroom for 30 minutes (meanwhile I get ready for sleep), then when I go to bed I read for a little while, breathing the oil diffused; usually I fall asleep quite quickly. Having a night ritual really helps me, but the inconvenient is when I can’t do it, I feel stressed.

So here is a little post about which essential oil you can use to help you to relax before to sleep. There are some that are well known for facilitating relaxation and sleep, like lavender, but the smell might be too strong for some persons, so here is a small guide to help you choose! All the oils in this selection are to be used in diffusion, but some can be applied to the skin directly. I also write contraindications if applicable.

Lavender: this oil helps to reduce anxiety; it calms and relaxes before to sleep. Emotionally, lavender represents the calming mom, sweet and strong at the same time. It calms after nightmares. If you have any unsolved issues with your mom, this might not be the best oil to help you to relax.

Tangerine is famous as the natural sleeping pill and antidepressant. It really brings a night of deep sleep. In case you have an anxiety crisis, put 1 drop on your hand and lick it: you will calm down immediately.

Ylang ylang: is a natural antidepressant. It helps to reduce the heartbeat: put 1 or 2 drops on your solar plexus. My personal favorite way to use it is to rub 2-3 drops on my foot soles before to go to bed. It diffuses the oil slowly during the night. Ylang Ylang is excellent to reduce anxiety, stress, and fears. You can also use it in case of a panic attack. Don’t do this if you have any problem with low blood pressure. Don’t use on kids younger than 3 years old, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Wild orange: This oil is quite popular as usually, it reminds people smells from childhood. Orange leads to sleep.

Roman camomile: this oil is quite famous for its relaxing and calming properties. It helps with insomnia.

Vetiver: excellent to fight insomnia, night terrors, anxiety; it calms down emotions.

Cedarwood: nice if you prefer some woody smells. It stabilizes strong emotions and intensive stress.

Usually, tangerine is my favorite. Lately, I couldn’t really choose a smell and I wanted to try something new, so it’s been a month now that I use the blend Serenity from Dōterra: it features all the oils from the list above + Ho wood, Marjoram, Vanilla, and Hawaiian Sandalwood. I can’t tell what is the major smell when I diffused it, but I like the mix that is not too flowery or too woody.

Remember it is important to choose an oil that makes you feel comfortable and relax! Feel free to contact me if you need advice or an oil. I will be more than happy to help you.