About Me

My story

A few years ago, I was introduced to essential oils by my sister. At the beginning, I didn’t show a lot of interest in it, using them only in diffusion. A few months later, I had a very serious reaction to some antibiotics which put me in hospital for days. My body took weeks to recover from this. As such, I have decided to investigate a more natural way to take care of myself and focus more on prevention. I studied Aromatherapy, and I am now a professional practitioner able to provide accurate advice to anyone interested in exploring natural care and prevention.

My philosophy

If there is one thing that I really love, it’s when someone shares with me a wish to get rid of all the chemicals we put in our body through industrial skin care. I am very happy if I can help someone to go back to what is essential and more natural in skin care. As everyone is unique with a different skin complexion, I am happy to offer customised advice about skin care using natural ingredients and featuring essential oils when necessary, targeting a specific need. I also like to share my daily use of essential oils: to prevent illness, to help recovering, to boost my immunity, to improve my skin condition, as well as other uses. Essential oils are powerful and active products, that should be used with care. Make sure you always have a professional opinion before to use any of them! 

You will not find any “buy” button on this website, as my purpose here is to share my knowledge and provide a professional advice for any question regarding Aromatherapy. You can browse the gallery of some products I have made before, but there is no mass production here as I believe each one has a different skin type and problem to target. 

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