Get back to Essentials is a small company based in Hong Kong. I am a certified aromatherapist, I used essential oils in my daily life for years. I like to share my passion and knowledge!

What do we offer?

Customised handmade skincare:  According to your skin complexion I can provide a professional advice to set up a customised skin care line for you. If there is anything that you want to improve, I can recommend specific essential oils to help reduce redness, acne, dry skin or reduce aging process and help you to find back that glossy aura! You will not find any “buy” button on this website, as my purpose is to share my knowledge and provide a professional advice for any question regarding Aromatherapy. You can browse the gallery of some products I have made before, for clients or myself, but there is no mass production as I believe each one has a different skin type and problem to target.

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Tips about essential oils: As an aromatherapist, I am using essential oils in my daily life for a little bit everything: relaxing before to sleep, to cook, as a supplement to boost my immunity system, as a help to recover after a cold, to relieve sore muscles after the gym, etc. Essential oils are quite powerful and they should be used with care. Make sure you always have a professional opinion before to use any of them! You will find a lot of tips and informations under the page “Essential oils” on this website. I regularly write some blog articles about specific topics and essentials oils; enjoy the reading! You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook, as I share a lot about essential oils there too.

Workshops : If you are a total beginner regarding essential oils, or making your own cosmetics, I can help! I offer sessions about:

  • essential oils basic knowledge, cautions and use
  • simple skin care to make at home ( you receive a booklet with the recipe at the end of the workshop)
  • group workshop if you want to learn something natural and fun with your friends!

Our philosophy

Based in Hong Kong, I try to use local products as much as I can. It would make no sense to me to ship everything I need from Europe or the US and contribute to pollute the planet. If there is a crucial ingredient I need and I can’t find it here, I try to ask a friend travelling or just wait to go to Europe myself and bring it back with me. In the same spirit, if you browse my product’s gallery, you will notice that none of my container or jars are the same. In order to contribute to reduce waste at my little scale, I reuse any jar/contenant/spray I can find. I often ask my clients if they have any contenant I can reuse for their order. In case there is nothing I could recycle, I will buy locally a glass or metal jar that the client can reuse for the next order. Step by step we can reduce our waste!

Curious to see more?

Browse my gallery! You will find some customized skin care products I have done for clients or myself.

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Face care routine

Hello everyone!  Talking with my clients, I am often asked what is a “good” face care routine? I don’t pretend I have the ultimate face care routine, but I can share what is working for me and some easy-to-do actions that you could include in yours – man or woman.